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Nutsizer Electrical Size-It Stainless Steel Screw Gauges Additional Promo Items

Now find the right wrench the first time.

Save time and money by avoiding stripping out a fastener using the wrong wrench.

Includes everything you need to size most common fasteners including wrench/socket size, bolt gauge and length.

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4" Digital Caliper Accurate to .0005 inch (.01 mm)
MODE Switch Changes from Wrench Size as Shown to Digital Caliper
No More Extra Trips to the Tool Box
Automatically Changes from SAE to Metric Wrench Sizes in Nutsizer Mode
Durable Stainless Steel Construction
Durable stainless steel construction designed to last
Large, easy to read LCD that shows units of measure and mode
Power on/off button and zero setting at any position within measuring range
Plastic carrying case and battery included
Measures external, internal and depth dimensions
Thumb locking screw holds current position
Printed markings show relative position
Weighs approximately 4.5 ounces and is made from stainless steel with durable plastic housing for display/controls. Uses one CR2032 battery, 3 volts
Includes instructions on how to size a fastener including bolt gauge, thread pitch, length and wrench size
Switch to nutsizer mode by pushing “mode” button at any time
Instantly outputs wrench/socket size and bolt gauge in both SAE and metric (automatically discriminates)
Will flash both SAE and metric sizes when overlap occurs in wrench sizes indicating you
can use either wrench
Measuring range from 0 to 1.5 inches (0 to 38 mm)
Switch to caliper mode by pushing “mode” button at any time
Accurate to .0005 inches and .01 millimeters
Switch between SAE and metric by pushing mm/in button at any position
Measuring range from 0 to 3.47 inches (0 to 88.32 mm)
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